The Aaiyyanist Hindus have existed in one form or another for thousands of years. We have spread our message of love, ancient wisdom and hope throughout out the ages and have enabled countless souls in India and around the world to realise their full potential and experience the ‘living nirvana’. That is, realise the power of being one with everything in the living state: here and now. Being able to commune with the entirety of nature, peoples, Gods and all the elements of the physical and spiritual world. In fact, to be one with Brahman.

The Aaiyyanist religion has always been a small haven for like-minded adepts who are on the final stages of their spiritual and psychic development. As we have said many times before, it is no coincidence that you have found this site and are close to grasping your destiny and fulfilling ours. It is our collective fate that we have met and touched each other’s Atman. We hope you take this good fortune to read the ancient texts, meditate, observe the symbols, link your mind with others, and allow your psychic and spiritual chalice to grow and overflow.

The Hindu Aaiyyanists are the foremost masters of Jnana Siddhi Yoga and we need to spread the teachings. The Aaiyyan Foundation very rarely accepts donations. The teachings of Aaiyyan do allow us to accept small gifts in the name of the Aaiyyan religion in order to spread the message to the wider community. We use our donations to spread the ideas of Aaiyyanism in the printed form (i.e. in books and pamphlets); or in maintaining our retreats and schools where spiritual adepts can acquire further Aaiyyanist knowledge. However, the Aaiyyanist does not exist in the material plane: he/she exists in the spiritual plane only; but we do need physical aid in order to transmit our ideas into the physical world so any help we can get would be greatly appreciated. Having said that - the Aaiyyan World Foundation is currently only accepting volunteer work and not monetary donations.

We are in the process of taking the divinely revealed Aaiyyanist texts and converted them into Ebooks on various sites including Amazon and allowing them to be available for free or a small price. We are also making available our mystical Aaiyyan stones and talismans for the first time for one year only as an exercise in seeing how our Dravidian Siddhi works in the wider community. See the products section for more info.