There are many books and scrolls written by the Aaiyyanist Gurus during the last 3500 years. The late Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri had transcribed most of the seminal works of Aaiyyanist philosophy into English and then revealed it to Guru Ud-Aaiyan. Guru Bhariri's revelations to Guru Ud-Aaiyan and the Aaiyyanist foundation has continued onto this day and constant process of translating and revealing new truths from the tradition has endured.

New Gurus (of the hidden strand) such as Jagadvyaapin Kanyakubja and Veshana Mahavashtriyan have been working tirelessly (for around 30 years now) to bring humanity more thoughts on Aaiyyanism - to create a better world and to spiritually raise our collective consciousness. We thank them for their efforts.

Below is a list of books that are currently available.

The Shadow - The teachings of Guru Tikshnapriya Sarasvata (Trans. By Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri and a new edition by Guru Ud-Aaiyan). This is a simple and beautiful introduction to Aaiyyanism and reveals truths from the Master Gurus before him.

The Seed - The spiritual teachings of Guru Vithi Telgu in which she explains the history and methods of Aaiyyanist healing (Rituals of Vaidya). The secret and hidden techniques allow the user to heal themselves and others. A very powerful read.

The Twelve Rings of Aaiyyan - a guide to reaching spiritual enlightenment, breaking the karmic cycle and achieving Moksa in your present incarnation. Guru Bhimashankar Dattatriya (Trans. By Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri and a new edition as revealed by Guru Ud-Aaiyan).

The Journey (A History of Aaiyyanism 1543 BC - 801 BC) - Guru Asha Saptrishi. This is a comprehensive history of Aaiyyanism from around 1500 BC - 800 BC). It was written by the last Master Guru Asha Saptrishi a few years before she died and reveals the teachings, thoughts, ideals, revelation and the journeys of the Master Gurus before her.

The Aaiyyan Accent To The Veil by Guru Kendra Jnanavajra Marichi (4 AD). This is a manual to healthy living, mediation and mantra induction, to achieve a healthy long life and oneness with Brahman.

Each books is spiritually blessed by the Guru who empowered it (as has been the tradition for over 3500 years). The books are not just for reading - they contain the love and psychic energy infused into the work by both the original Author, Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri et al. and the translator. All souls working for the collective unity of humanity. You will feel the power in the words and the thoughts.

Other works are available to students wishing to follow a more vigorous study of Aaiyyanism. (Due to the blessing and meditation tradition of Aaiyyanism only a few copies of the works are available at any time. Thus, the more in-depth texts, secret mysteries and obscure works need the attention of higher Gurus and adepts not only to produce the book and bless it but also to guide the student in their studies. Contact the Aaiyyanism World Foundation for more information.)

In a new development these books will soon be available to be downloaded as E-books in mid 2017.