Aaiyyanist Public Directory

Here is a public directory of Aaiyyanists that also speak English and have allowed their details to be put on a public register. If you would like to be in the directory please email us on info@aaiyyan.org with your name, level, contact details (that you would like to be made public) and any other details. Please note: traditionally most Aaiyyanists do not wish to be known as this was considered an egotistical act. Aaiyyanism was (and is) considered a personal journey of self discovery and even those that were born and brought up as Aaiyyanist Murugan worshippers did not advertise the fact. But that attitude has changed in recent years and more and more Murugan Aaiyyanists are allowing themselves to be self-identified.

The directory is split into sections that indicate the name of the Aaiyyanist, their public contact details, their website, their area of residence, their Healing and Siddhi Levels, their School, the waiting period before seeing new clients, and any other details. Please refer to the hierarchy page for further details on the various Aaiyyanist levels.

Name Contact information Website Location Healer Level Siddhi Level Affiliated Schools Waiting Period Details
Devdas Aaiyyani devdas@aaiyyan.org N/A Tamil Nadu, India Antaraa Aaiyyani Muula Aaiyyani Aatmaani, Aardra 6-9 month waiting period Works at the Aaiyyan World Foundation
Jovan Aceton aceton2991@gmail.com N/A Texas, USA Muula Healer Level 2 N/A N/A Please email to check availability Jovan Aceton is located in the Southwest region of the United States. He is available to perform healings remotely or in person. He is very passionate in his work and is Excited to help any one heal and live a more peaceful balanced spiritual lifestyle
Ram Goswami goswami1ram@gmail.com N/A Tamil Nadu, India Antaraa Guru Antaraa Guru Aardra N/A N/A
Rolando Corzo info@aaiyyan.org N/A New Orleans, USA Muula Healer Level 2 N/A N/A Please email to check availability Rolando can be contacted via the Aaiyyan World Foundation. He is only offering remote healing sessions at this time.
ShaCayne Jackson (310)678-6988 N/A Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Muula Healer Level 1 N/A N/A Please phone to check availability
Siven Oddaiyyan SivenOddaiyyan@gmail.com https://sivenoddaiyyanblog.wordpress.com Tamil Nadu, India Muula Aaiyyani Antaraa Aaiyyani Aatmaani 1 year waiting period Not currently taking any new students
Adedayo Ogundipe bioglobalng@gmail.com N/A Sango Ogun State, Nigeria. Muula Healer Level 1 N/A N/A Please email to check availability
Udaiyan N/A http://www.udaiyan.com UK, India, Worldwide Agra Aaiyyani Agra Aaiyyani Aatmaani, Aardra, Abhichaara, S'uunya and others Indefinite waiting period to see new clients or produce Aaiyyanist paintings due to the demand. Udaiyan teaches at various Aaiyyanist schools. Due to the number of emails you can contact him via the Aaiyyan World Foundation
Gambheer Venkatraman gambheer.venkatraman@gmail.com http://gambheervenkatrama.wixsite.com/healing Tamil Nadu, India Agra Acharya Muula Swami Aatmaani 6-9 month waiting period Swami Venkatraman has a 6-9 month waiting period to see new clients. He is currently on pilgrimage to the 6 Murugan Temples