Around 3500 years ago (1500 BC) the works of the ancient Dravidians were almost lost. During the Aryan invasion from the north many ancient schools and temples were destroyed or taken over/integrated into mainstream Vedic Hindu philosophy (a relatively young interpretation at the time).

Vedic Scholar Guru Bhimashankar Dattatriya while on his kSaitraja Atyadhvan (wandering of a scholar in order to reach a higher level of kSaitraja - spirituality); he happened across a near-deserted ancient Dravidian temple near Mahabalipuram. Only one Dravidian Swami remained - Swami Aaiyyan.

After both Guru and Swami realised each other's genuineness in the spiritual path. They both shared philosophies and secrets. According to the notes of the Guru Dattatriya a few years had passed when his Dravidian mentor began to teach him the 12 rings of Aaiyyan (based on ancient Dravidian philosophy and science). Each ring had a story/parable then an interpretation.

It took him 12 years to comprehend the rings of Aaiyyan and at the full understanding of the last sermon he realised that Aaiyyan was actually the Avatar form of Malaikilavon, the Lord of the Hills - an ancient sent down to teach man the truth, enlightenment and oneness. Aaiyyan then taught the Guru the seven secret keys of the Universal gate.

When Swami Aaiyyan merged into the collective One. Guru Dattatriya began his mission to spread the word of Aaiyyan.

After Guru Dattatriya there were 11 other Gurus/disciples in succession (these are called the Master Gurus of the Aaiyyanist tradition. Note also that four of the Gurus Masters were female devotees and two were of indigenous tribal origin, as the school of Aaiyyan at an early age revealed the oneness of all beings. We have highlighted the female (f) and indigenous(i) gurus for any students/scholars that are interested in exploring the universality of the Aaiyyan religion.

Guru Bhimashankar Dattatriya (1543BC-1462 BC)

Guru Vitachinta Dwivedi (1490BC -1401BC)

Guru Hotriya Upadhyaya (f) (1435 BC - 1343 BC)

Guru Jagadhguru Kanyakubja (1373 BC - 1288 BC)

Guru Mena Sarasvata (f) (1320 BC - 1231 BC)

Guru Yogi Gauda (1266 BC - 1168 BC)

Guru Modanatha Dravidas Mahavashtriyan (i)(1193 BC - 1106 BC)

Guru Vithi Telgu (f) (1134 BC - 1042 BC)

Guru Dravida Karnataka (i) (1066 BC - 970 BC)

Guru Tikshnapriya Sarasvata (1000 BC - 911 BC)

Guru Konavadin Prajapati (929 BC - 843 BC)

Guru Asha Saptrishi (f) (877 BC - 778 BC)

(Note the age Kali Yuga is denoted as 3102 BC - so the Gurus were anointed during the early part of the cycle.). For more details about the life and works read: The Journey by Guru Asha Saptrishi (see the book section for more details).

The list above shows the lineage of the Aaiyyani Gurus of Old. Here is a list of some prominent Aaiyyanists from the 20th century that have forwarded the cause of Aaiyyanist Hinduism and brought great peace and wisdom to the world: (see here).

origin of the Aaiyyanist Hindu magic system

This is a brief history of the Aaiyyanist Hindu magic system as revealed to Guru Dattriya by Swami Aaiyyan – the incarnation of Murugan. The information given below is mostly revealed in the texts given by the 3rd and 6th rings of Aaiyyan – the Ancient Texts of the Aaiyanist Hindu faith. It was said that Swami Aaiyyan revealed to Guru Dattriya the truth of the ancient humans who existed several thousand years before the Cera dynasty (before Sri Alagumuthu et al) - around 15,000 BC. This was a time where the Dravidian lands was actually ruled by the Dravidian Aaiyyanists and then deposed by the distant ancestors of the Kalabhras called the Kalaiyyans. These ancient relations of the Kalabhra were said to have then formed a great Kingdom within the heart of the Dravidian Lands, but of an evil persuasion. Of course, in the ancient Dravidian Hinduism traditional good and evil are subjective – they are all part of the universal OM, however it is said that these rulers broke a sacred taboo (which is explained below [1]) and thus destroyed their ancient kingdom.

According to Aaiyyanist tradition these Aaiyyanists and the Kalaiyyan rulers were skilled in using the magic of the ancient Hindu Dravidian symbols, which were able to unlock the boundaries between the physical world and other spiritual dimensions in order to affect the physicality of this plane - via a process of energy resonance. Of course this is described in the ancient texts (not just Aaiyyanst texts but the Cholas and Pandya scripts) as Lokas whose maps are stored In the Akashic Records. As an aside, these symbols are said to be closely related to the Harrapan script, but the Aaiyyanist historians formulate that the Dravidian scripts (or symbols) to unlock the gateways are very much older. The Aaiyyanists claim to have kept this secret knowledge to this day and have collated all the ancient Dravidian magical symbols from this era.

To explain the full meaning behind the symbols would take many volumes, and in fact there are several volumes by the great Aaiyyanist historian Ud- Delvyan that give a good grounding in the subject. But to summarize: the symbols represent an ancient Aaiyyanist script that the Aaiyyanist rulers used as tallikA’s (keys) to unlock the pathways to the different dimensions (or Lokas). Once these dimensions are opened the power can flow between Lokas and this world resulting in a transference of resonant energy that can affect the physical and spiritual dimensions both in this world and others. There is a law of transference that dictates that energy from one realm (Loka) is removed and transferred equally to this world and can be used (via the symbols) to change the physical [see note [2]).

For example the healing symbol of Kurkulyan concerned with healing the lower body derive their origin thusly: The scripts/symbols that are used to compose Kurkulyan are in fact the key to unlock the door to the Kurkul (Patala) Plane that deals with aspects of one of the lower dimensions. The way the symbols are arranged (or read) is a key for a particular lock that once unlocked pulls a small amount of energy (in this case the Lower Earth) that is directed into the lower body to heal. The symbols (or ancient Aaiyyanist script) is positioned in such a way as to only unlock small amounts of this energy – so that it builds up inside the body to heal gradually. In fact most of the symbolic images in this manual release the energy slowly in order to build up resonantly - the reason being Is that the human body and this physical plane cannot deal with huge surges in energy – the energy will either be dissipated quickly or harm. Thousands of years of study have come to the conclusion on how the script Is positioned and even how it is written down in order to minimize Power surges and allow the energy to build up slowly and effectively.

To re-iterate – the scripts are the representation of the ancient Aaiyyanist Dravidian language written in a symbolic script that can be used to unlock the various Lokas to pull (resonate) energy from various planes to this one in order to change the physicality and spirituality of the user and their surroundings. In a nutshell it can be simply explained that energy from other Planes can be used to affect the energy and material in the one we live in.


[1] The Kalaiyyans committed the cardinal taboo of creating a symbolic representation - not to affect this plane but to change all the others. The method of symbolic representation is enhanced by two methods – the Guru (or Gurus) that are writing it down and the method of inscription. The Kalaiyyans performed this act by using their Guru Kings to perform the symbolic inscriptions. It is said by the Aaiyyanist historian Ud- Kuryian that they also used the Dravidian lands as their Canvas and the souls of thousands of humans as the brushwork in order to join all planes together to make their Emperor: KulKuddaiyan one with OM. The Emperor and the Kings arranged the blood-soul sacrifices across the Dravidian lands in the reverse symbolic representation of the Aaiyyan symbols (the most powerful of all Aaiyyanist symbolic images). However due to the law of energy equality there simply was not enough Atmans (souls) that the Emperor could sacrifice to perform the joining. The land then became corrupted for tens of thousands of years and the Aaiyyanist movement declined until the re-emergence of Swami Aaiyyan around 1500BC.

According to Aaiyyanist tradition, humans have existed for many tens of thousands of years or even more. According to Aaiyyanist thought there is a reason that the ancient history of humans has been forgotten. One of the reasons cited is the Kalaiyyan incident. Also, one of the reasons is that some modern day Hindu Aaiyyanists believe that the reincarnations or descendent of the Kalaiyyans and Kalabhrans are in fact trying to recreate the Anti-Aaiyyanist Symbolic representation across the whole planet to exponentially increase the Power of the Atmans available to bind the Hidden Emperor with OM.

[2] Researching and creating new symbolic magical images takes very many years of Hindu-Aaiyyanist study but there are still many research groups that are currently operating now to open new gateways to The Lokas. They are mainly based inside the umbrella of the Aaiyyan World Foundation, but this is not always the Case.